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The Little Leaci

“Hey Leaci, where are you?” Yuno called out. Leaci was sitting in what they thought would be a quite spot, but Yuno proved them wrong. “There you are. I need your help. You may know that they are doing All Con in a few months. There are going to be all sorts of fun, but they Cosplay contest has a couple class. I have a great idea but I need you to be my partner. I plan to win the contest, single and couple. I will pay for your way in and help with the costume. So are you in or what?”

Leaci had been thinking about going to the con. The con was to be anything from gaming, to anime, to comics, to sci-fi, to TV, and whatever one could think. They did not have the money for the con and were actually thinking about how to make the money to get in. “Would I have to be dressed up every day?”

“No, just the day of the contest and you don’t have to enter the singles competition. I just need a partner for my costume. “Said Yuno

“So you going to be a princess and need me as a prince?” ask Leaci

“Hell no, I would never be a princess, I going to be a witch. Yes it is tight cast, but I got a great idea, but I need you to play your part. Deal or do you not want to get a free pass to the con. I even kick in some cash for food. So what you say, deal? Right? Can you make up your mind?” Said Yuno

“Ok, ok, I will do it. Wait if you’re a witch, that mean I have to wear some princess dress?” Ask Leaci

“Oh no, princess dress are all over the place.” said Yuno

“Good I thought I have to wear a bunch of lace and taffeta” said Leaci.

“No most of what you will be wearing will be made of rubber.” said Yuno

Rubber thought Leaci; oh I know she wants me to be the dragon to her Maleficent. That means I have some big head to hide behind. “Ok, sound fun”

“Good, I will need to measure for your tail. I come by your place later today. I need to go get us registered. Later” With that Yuno was off

That evening Leaci was relaxing watching some TV, when there was knocking at the door. Yuno almost knocked Leaci over as they open the door. She busted in with a tape measure, and looked at Leaci and

said, “No, no, no I need you her not him not get a move on change.” Leaci was not sure why Yuno wanted this, but hey it was a free trip to the con he concentrated and became her.

Leaci now in her from, Yuno started measuring away. She took a waist and a leg length from belly button to toes. She had Leaci stand with their legs together, where she had measured Leaci’s ankles. This is odd, thought Leaci, why would she need that and what is with measuring me feet some many times.

“Ok arms up got to see what we are dealing with up here” said Yuno. She had Leaci hold their arms out to the side as she measured their bust and write down the sizes and the difference.” Let see that makes you about an F cup.” Yuno continued to measure including Leaci forehead. Must be for the head piece of the dragon Leaci thought.

“Ok, done, I got our passes and the food tickets for each day. Wow, this is not cheap.” Said Yuno,

“I know if it was not for this I could not go” came from Leaci now sounding excited.

“Oh you are going to be the prettiest little mermaid” Yuno gushed.

“What you said no dress, and the costume was rubber, how am I going to be a mermaid without a dress?”

Yuno smiled and said “Mermaids do not wear dresses, just shells.”

Leaci’s mouth dropped as they realized what they going to wear. A mermaid tail and just shells. “You said you were going to be a witch, not a prince.”

“That’s right, a sea witch. And do I have the best costume for being Ursula

‘I can’t do this. Run around in a mermaid tail and just shells. ‘Leaci

‘Oh you will not be running. The tail is going to be only able to hop, sit, or swim.’ Yuno

‘What then HOW am I going to get around? ‘Leaci

‘In a wheel chair. “Yuno

‘Wait; swim, you not expecting to go swimming in this.” Leaci

‘No, but you can if you want to. You can just sit by the pool while I do the single competitions. Yuno

“I don’t know.” Leaci “I changed my mind, I not going to be your mermaid.” Leaci

“FINE! I then want the money for the tickets and food passes, NOW!” Growled Yuno

‘I don’t have that type of money. It will take forever to come up that that much money. ‘Leaci

‘Well it is either the money or mermaid. I need to know now, because I will have to get someone else to help me and pay for them to get in. So hand the money over now! Or are you going to be my little mermaid.” Yuno fumed at Leaci. Leaci knew they were stuck and no way out.

“Mermaid” Leaci said in a small voice.

“Good, you practicing not having a voice, but I am going to hold you to this Leaci, No backing out, Right” Leaci shook their head yes. ”Ok, then you ARE a mermaid. It is settled. I need to start on your tail. I talk to you when I need to do a fitting. Oh, and don’t back out. “

She left in a huff. They knew that they were stuck. They could never make that much money in time to pay her back. They could not just skip. She would have ways of making life bad for them. They sat down and just thought. They were going to be on display in full mermaid costume. Tail and shells, that’s all. I just hope the wig covers my face so no one sees me.

Over the next few months, Leaci had to be measured and fitted. Yuno was almost giddy with all the work she was doing on them. A couple weeks before, she came over with everything, including her costume. They could tell that Yuno had put in a lot of work on her costume of the sea witch. She helped Leaci in to the tail. The almost solid rubber costume made in near impossible for them to move. They could hop, but it was not easy and they fell over a few times. Yuno said she have wheel chair for them to ride in. Leaci sat while Yuno put on her costume. Next was make-up and wig for them. They sat looking at Yuno did her make up.

“I will do my arms and the rest the day of the event. “ Yuno said as she put the purple on her face and neck. “I will have you help me with the back. “

Leaci watched in ah as soon Yuno was replaced by Ursula the sea witch. “Wow you look great” they said.

“Here take my picture and then I will take yours” Leaci took Yuno picture and then handed her the phone. “You need to take off your glasses.”

“But I can see” protested Leaci.

“Well Ariel does not wear glasses” growled Yuno. Leaci look at her and did not see Yuno, but a fierce sea witch. They took off their glasses off and meekly handed it over. “Better, now pose, oh you look so pretty, different pose now, oh another.” She went a little picture happy and Leaci played with it. “Oh, you got to see these.”

“Hey, my glasses?” Leaci said

“With all this glasses talk, next year you can be Velma from Scooby Doo” teased Yuno as she handed over the spectacles. Leaci put them on and looked at the photos. Their mouth started to open and then little more, until Yuno, said” I can see your voice, should I get it.” Leaci blushed and handed back the phone.

They went to stand up and almost fell. Lucky Yuno caught them but in so the shells shifted, and came off. Yuno stood them back up and holding these shells laughing, “Or should we do Pirates of the Caribbean next year.”

“Ha-ha very funny give those back to me” Leaci said as they hopped toward her. Yuno laughed even lauder as Leaci bounced and kept bouncing while standing there. Leaci attached the shells to cover their modesty. “Now help me with this tail. I can’t get loose. “

Yuno laughed, “Ok, I let you out, but it will cost you.”

Leaci cried “What?”

“Just your voice, ha-ha” cackled Yuno, as she came around the back of the land lock mermaid. “Wow, this is one tight tail. I wonder if it got caught in your underwear. Maybe you need to go commando for the con.”

“NO way” said Leaci

“Why not, mermaids don’t wear underwear. There your free” grunted Yuno. Leaci slid the tail off. “There you go, you have legs, now when do I get my voice” Yuno tease.

“Ha ha, never.” Came from Leaci looked at the tail and the zipper. “You need to fix that so I can get out of the tail by myself. I don’t want to be stuck in that rubber trap.”

“Don’t worry after the couple’s competition, I will take you back to the room and you can change in to whatever you want, unless you want to sit by the pool. You might find yourself a prince Eric to kiss you and give you back your legs.” Smirked Yuno

“I think you are crossing your fairy tales. “Replied Leaci

“OK, whatever, I need to go and get some work done on my costume. I will catch you latter ok. Bye” with that Yuno was out the door. Thus leaving Leaci with her tail and shells, thinking is this worth it.

A few weeks later, they had their answer. YES. Leaci could not believe everything going on at the con. They went o lectures and demos. Yuno had given them some extra money to spend in the dealer’s room. She must have felt sorry for all the things going on. It was a dream, until the morning of the competitions. The times got changed. The couple's competition was first then single. That meant Leaci would have to wait for Yuno to get done. Maybe they will get luck and be early. It did not look that way. They had a high number for the competition. Yuno had just enough time to wheel Leaci to a spot and get back to the singles. Leaci hope they could maneuver the wheel chair back to the room.

It was time. Yuno and Leaci helped each other with getting in to costume. Yuno need help with getting her upper body painted purple. Then get Leaci’s makeup, wig, and shells all in place. Yuno was pinning the wig on good, when Leaci ask why. Her reply was she did not the wig falling off. Leaci returned the favor with Yuno’s wig. Next was Yuno’s corset and tummy. From the belly up, Yuno was a perfect Ursula. Leaci then helped with the tentacles. Yuno had worked in some strings and pulleys so the tentacles moved from without being attached to her arms. A little motor pack was attached to the back of her costume and covered by her bustles. When Yuno turned it on, the tentacles came alive. Yuno had on some black tights that blended in with the tentacles. Finally it was Leaci’s tail. Yuno look at them and pointed to the panties. “No” they said to imply they go commando. The two worked the rubber tail up over the legs and in to place. With a final zip, Leaci was an Ariel the little mermaid. Yuno pulled up the wheel chair and Leaci sat down. At least I get to be pushed around, they thought.

Yuno grabbed the room key and stuck in her corset. Leaci still had her glasses on. Yuno ask for them, and put them to the side. “I may need those” they said.

Yuno looked and said “Where would like for me to keep them, with the key? “ Leaci new if they were stuck in the corset, they would get covered in purple make up. They shook no. With that, they were out the door.

Leaci was a bit self-confident as they moved around the con, but it soon passed. They were having fun and playing with all the other cosplayers. The competition was quick. They came on, posed and were off. People were asking for more pictures. Someone said by the pool.

They move to the pool and Leaci got out of the chair and sat next to the pool on the floor. Several people were coming and going, and then someone said that the singles competition was about to start. Yuno said I got to go and left Leaci sitting there. A few more ask for pictures and the crowd moved to the competition. Leaci looked around and could not see the wheel chair. They squinted trying to see if it was on the wall. They figured they stand up. Maybe it was behind a table or something. Leaci squinted and hopped in a circle then she saw it off to the side. “Yes” they said and hopped for joy. “Oh, what NOOO!”

SPLASH!!, Leaci in their excitement lost their balance and fell in to the pool. They tried to kick their legs, but the rubber tail would not let them swim like they were accustomed to do. After a second, the kicked the legs together and wow did they move. They popped out of the water for a breath of air and went back under. This time they kicked a little softer and they were able to surface and not go back under. Leaci still could not see too well, but could tell where the edge was. Leaci kick her mermaid tail and move to the side. The little swim would have been fun but Leaci was afraid that more would come around. When they got to the side, they knew that there was no way to hop to the chair. Leaci reached for the zipper and like the other day before it was stuck.

Great, I guess I have to hop or I could just roll over there, yeah that will work thought Leaci. The next task was to get out of the pool. With no glasses, the ladder was not to be seen and how were they to get out of the pool with the tail. Wait the tail, they could just kick real hard and flop on to the land. Leaci went for it, but did not kick hard enough and did not get over the edge. They came back down and the shell top took a direct hit. It hurt but save them from scraping on the side of the pool.

Ok, one more time. Leaci kick hard and flopped on the floor, again the shells saved scrape, but not the squish. Their breast landed hard on the side of the pool. Ouch, let’s not do that again. Leaci moved around and started to roll to the chair, but the first roll resulted in the shells pinching their breast. That is not good, but I need to get to the chair and get out of here.

“What do we have here, a fish out of water.” Yuno returned and looked at the land lock mermaid. Oh finally some help though as Leaci started looking up at Yuno. “You poor unfortunate soul, let me help you” sang her. But before Leaci knew what going on they were being rolled. Not to the chair but to the pool.

“Hey, Oh, ouch!” Leaci tried to protest, but SPLASH!!, Back in to the drink, went the mermaid Leaci. “Oh, I am going come out of here and get you for that” Leaci spat out as she surfaced.

“Come on out” smiled Yuno. Leaci about to come out like before, but they saw Yuno holding a pair of shells, sea shells, their sea shells.

“AAcckkt, give those back. Now.” Leaci screamed.

“You want to do that again, I don’t think they heard you in the next county. Ha-ha,” Yuno cackled.

“You bitch” growled Leaci

“No, that is witch, sea witch and just for that I will see you later”. Yuno turned and started to walk away singing. Leaci could not believe what was happening. Yuno just kept walking swing the shells over her head.

“You get back here” Leaci kicked hard with the fin and flopped on the land. Ouch, no shells for protection this time. Just then they heard people coming. Leaci looked at their exposed breast and rolled back into the pool, squishing the now sore bXXBs with every turn. Splash as they dunked themselves in to the cover of the pool.

Leaci surfaced to see what was going on. Squinting only revealed several people come over asking for pictures of the swimming mermaid. Leaci smiled and pulled the wig around to cover their selves. Leaci smiled for the pictures. She heard Yuno cackle down the hallway.

Leaci was stuck. Could not get the tail off. Even if they would have to dash to the room. Wait, they did not have a key. They were not going anywhere. As they smiled for the next picture, a bell hop said “Anyone needing this wheel chair.” But before they could say anything but “cheese”, the chair was gone. Could it get any worse? had a contest.…

This is my entry 
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Lyhoko Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist

Looks good! Leaci seems to have gotten into quite the situation... And I know of a way where it can get worse...

There's still a couple of spelling and grammar errors hidden around, though those won't change the score as mentioned earlier.
pieclown Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Professional Artist
So, Yuno could sign up the little mer-Leaci for a dunk tank to raise money.  They would be a good sport and do it.  hehe  Or roll them up in rice and call them sushi.  We just have to wait until your birthday.  haha.
pieclown Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Professional Artist
One must never ask can this get worse, because it then will.  Who attends cons: geek, nerds, and the like.  Most are guys, and many are driven sex crazy by the over shapely and under dressed super heroines and villainesses in comics and games.  They may not pay attention to Ariel in full dress, but in a tail and and swimming.  Now that might get someone attention.  Oh if it gets out by some social media that there is a topless Ariel in the pool, more will come for pictures or a swim.  Yes it could get worse. 

Sorry about the spelling errors.  Not madder the number times I read my work, something gets though. 

I am glad you liked it.
Lyhoko Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist
Yuno'll step in to stop things one way or another before they get too far... (She does effectively have reality warping abilities, even if she doesn't always use them... though she probably won't need to use them here, there's other things she could do before things would require that.) I was think more along the lines of other ways that she could torment Leaci with the outfit... (Which might come up after the contest ends and I start working on the prizes and return stories.)
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